Capacitive Storage at Nitrogen Doped Amorphous Carbon Electrodes: Structural and Chemical Effects of Nitrogen Incorporation
Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Untangling Cooperative Effects of Pyridinic and Graphitic Nitrogen Sites at Metal-Free N-Doped Carbon Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (Small 48/2019)
Experimental and Computational Study of Dopamine as an Electrochemical Probe of the Surface Nanostructure of Graphitized N-doped Carbon
Spontaneous Aryldiazonium Grafting for the Preparation of Functional Cyclodextrin-Modified Materials
Combined Optoelectronic and Electrochemical Study of Nitrogenated Carbon Electrodes
Determination of Surface ζ-Potential and Isoelectric Point of Carbon Surfaces Using Tracer Particle Suspensions
Nanoplasmonic Sensing at the Carbon-Bio Interface: Study of Protein Adsorption at Graphitic and Hydrogenated Carbon Surfaces
Modulation of Protein Fouling and Interfacial Properties at Carbon Surfaces via Immobilization of Glycans Using Aryldiazonium Chemistry
Effect of Nitrogen Concentration on Capacitive Properties of Nitrogen Doped Amorphous Carbon